Top Android Games: Shadow Fight 2 Review

The Google Play Store is sometimes proof that too many apps and games is actually a thing. If you were to hear someone saying that there are too many games in the store and that they can't choose one, you would most likely say that it can't be a real problem.

The truth of the matter is that there are simply too many apps and games in the store, which means that most of them are absolute garbage. Finding a game that you can enjoy is not as easy as you might imagine, and the fact that the majority of titles have microtransactions is ruining the industry.

On the other hand, it's not like people are objecting, and many users think that as long as it's free, it doesn't matter if the developers ask for money. This kind of attitude has pushed the entire Android ecosystem into a spin, and the direct result is that most of the games in the store are now following the same recipe.

Finding a good game has turned into a hunt to find a game that manages to mantain a balance between microtransactions and the gameplay. In short, players should be able to beat the game with a little bit of hard work, without having to pay for shortcuts.

 Shadow Fight 2 microtransacti

This is where Shadow Fight 2 fits right in. Yes, it doesn't have microtransactions, buy players only have to work a little bit harder to progress, and they don't need to buy anything, although that's always an option.

Story and gameplay

The game has a story, but I never really bothered to find out what it is. Players assume the persona of a fighter named Shadow, who has to go through six different realms and various bosses to become the best fighter in the world. I'm sure that that's more to it, but once you start playing you'll find that it doesn't really matter.

Now, let's take a closer look at the gameplay, which is the backbone. Players take control of a fighter who's not exactly good at first, meaning that you'll have a chance to unlock a ton of new moves and you will learn to control him.

shadow fight 2 mod by vishnu

Shadow Fight 2 truly shines when it comes to the fighting part. To be clear, this is a 2D game, meaning that you can control the character from the left side of the screen with a button that looks like a D-PAD, and you can throw quick and hard kicks with two buttons on the left. More buttons become available as you unlock a couple of other cool features, which we'll mention later.

 Shadow Fight 2 gameplay

There are a couple of aspects that make this part of the game stand out. First, the animation of the characters is spot on and it's just beautiful to watch, not to mention the fact that it's powered by an efficient physics engine.

Secondly, the martial arts moves are modeled very well and, in conjunction with the animations, they complete the gameplay experience in a way that's not present even on more powerful platforms, such as the PC or the consoles. It's difficult to describe, but moves flow from one position to another, and with just a few exceptions, everything looks natural.

I also mentioned that the gameplay has a few RPG elements. For example, the character advances in level, and you have to keep in mind that this is a very important aspect of Shadow Fight 2. It allows players to move forward in the campaign and it's only achieved by playing the main missions and by upgrading the gear.

Unlike many other games, each upgrade of the gear feels like it matters. You will need money or gems (acquired with real money if you want to move things along faster) to buy new armor or weapons, and the difference will be felt immediately in the next match.

Now, as for the single-player campaign, there isn't much to tell that users won't figure out when first starting the game. There are six different realms, and each of them is completed after defeating the final boss. There is nothing stopping you from trying to get at the end right from the start, but you will quickly notice that you're not doing any kind of damage to the later opponents.

An interesting aspect is the smooth learning curve of the game. Players won't have to directly face an incredibly difficult opponent, and they will have to battle its bodyguards first. They won't go down easy and should train the players before the major fights.

Bosses are really different from all the other fighters and will use various techniques such as invisibility and powerful moves that can't be blocked. Suffice to say that beating a boss is the biggest challenge in Shadow Fight 2.

If you take things easier, fight what you can, upgrade the gear, accept challenges, and participate in tournaments, you should be able to be powerful enough to take on the final boss. Keep in mind that even if it's a free game, you can't play all the time as the character has limited energy. After a few matches, that energy will run out and you'll have two options: either pay some real money to restore it or wait until it gets restored itself.

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